Thursday, November 26, 2009

I am a Blogger....

So I decided I would try "Blogging".  I have always felt that your life had to be considered extraordinary to be worthy of having your own blog but after spending a bunch of time reading and enjoying blogs  I decided I would try it.  I like to write so I'm thinking it will be fun.  Many of you that will read this know me as a Triathlete and friend.  Others know me as their Contractor.  I will use this blog to chronicle my Triathlon training and daily life experiences I find either humorous or interesting.  I have enjoyed reading about what my friends and fellow competitors are up to and want to contribute to the blog community with my own tales.  It's funny how life changes.  Ten years ago nobody would dream of "blogging", essentially creating a window into your own little world.  An invasion of privacy.  But, I guess you share as little or as much as you want to and only you can control that.  I think writing can be therapeutic, so I can see why blogging has become so popular.  I will use it to extend and maintain a growing social network of friends.  I have been "Facebooking" for about a year now and am in touch with so many people that I would never have talked to if it weren't for getting on Facebook.  So I guess this is sort of an extension of that, but more of a diary for those that are interested in hearing my stories.
So read, enjoy, comment if you wish.  


  1. Welcome Bob!! Not long ago, I would Never dream of blogging. I barely knew what it was. And WHY would Anyone want to read about me?? I couldn't imagine. But like you, I started following a few people. Yes, it's fun to write about personal adventures and challenges but it's really great to hear others reactions. It's encouraging and motivating. It validates things you do or feel or they question you. I have met a bunch of friends this way and even hooked up with them at races such as Kona & Clearwater. I met my coach via my blog. So share what you want but know that you're reaching out to a huge community who is going through very similar experiences. (and need to comment on other peoples blogs to tune them into yours. That's how you get readers. and I'll post you on my sidebar. )
    Now go back and write a race report for Clearwater!! Or start w/ Timberman and how you got to Clearwater. :)

  2. Blogging is fun!! Welcome aboard!