Sunday, September 29, 2019


I'm back.  As promised.  Not gonna let five years click by before throwing some more thoughts together.
It has been an interesting week.  Couple of observations.  The first five people I heard from after writing my last entry were highly accomplished people that I respect greatly.  They said KEEP GOING.  So here I am.
The next bunch of folks I heard from ranged from people I hadn't heard from in years to folks that I see or interact with every week. They ALSO said KEEP GOING...So here I am.
Here's what I learned.  People are watching. And just because someone doesn't comment, doesn't mean they didn't notice... or read what I wrote.  Diving deeper... It's possible I helped someone and I don't even know it.  I ran into someone today that said " pssst... I read your blog thingy.. it was good... and it really hit home, so thanks!"   Wow.  Cool stuff.  So there... motivation to continue. It takes a lot to "put yourself out there" but what the heck, gonna roll with it.

Some other highlights from the week....and I thought about these as I was coming home last night in the Jeep, top down and heat on.... "The Big Chill Soundtrack" ripping through the speakers....
I talked with someone that quit drinking and had lost ten pounds and was feeling great.  One that finally got his small business spun around and is back feeling like he's in control.  Heard about a friend that found out her biological mother has ben looking for her for 43 years and they JUST connected.  Think about THAT one for a minute.  😳.  My daughter got the job.  Was there any doubt? Heheh.  She is now in the Scholars Program at Unum and on her way to getting some very good work experience.  Very proud Dad. Oh yeah... That Pat's released Trump and we are going to impeach Antonio Brown.  Something like that. 😉 Sox stunk it up, bring on the Celtics and Bruins. I have a few friends doing Ironman Chattanooga today and it's gonna be a hot one.  The Dempsey Challenge is today.  I did that once.. rode 100 miles in the rain with some friends to support cancer research.  McDreamy was there... They say he's good looking..... WHATever.... lol.  Fryeburg Fay'ah starts today.... Hot Apple Crisp anyone?

Here's one.... I ate SUPER CLEAN all week.  Did awesome.  Hopped on the scale and exhaled deeply JUST IN CASE air weighs something.....Didn't lose an OUNCE.  JUST about gave the scale  a "Bruce Lee"  right out the window.  HOWEVER.... I haven't exercised... still going easy on the heel... and... let's be realistic here... I didn't GAIN.  SO... as much as I would have liked to see some progress, it just didn't come in the form I was expecting.  So I will keep at it and realize this is a marathon, not a sprint.  I'll just gloss over the trip to Portland Pie last night ... let's not talk about that this time, deal? Rome wasn't built in a day right? On a more serious note though.  I ran into a friend tonight and was telling him about my foot... and weight... and being frustrated... blah blah sob story.... He nodded.  But then I said how funny it is that when you have an injury... a setback.. it can affect you mentally as well as physically.  For instance, I can't run right now.  I CAN swim.  I CAN bike and I CAN control what I eat.  I have not swam... haven't biked... and on balance could have eaten much better over the past few months.  So there you have it - control what you can control.  Easier said than done.  It's hard to sweat the small stuff when there is a dark cloud overhead.  I'll do better with this stuff this week.

Random thought.  Ever go to Hannaford and get started out in the deli section and you just don't have a good vibe about the people around you?  You know... you got this one guy clogging up the works at the deli counter... another lady with three little crumb snatchers running all over the place...then you get outta there and see the whole crew again in the next aisle over and you just know this whole trip is going to be a shitshow.   I mean, these are your "people", you're gonna be with them the whole way and you know that if it's not a good start it's only gonna get worse.  Like, if these guys can't navigate the Avocados and tomatoes, what am I gonna be dealing with when we get to frozen foods?  And the EGG WHITES???!!?  Good lord I'll be there an hour... get me out of here now..
Here's what I do.  I jump forward about 3-4 aisles... maybe hit the chicken and turkey burger.... shoot down toward the whole grain Scoops and then cut left and BOOM.... RESTART.... they are all GONE and voila' ... you have new people!  Works every time.  But just be sure to drag your feet a bit through that initial section to make sure they are gone... maybe check out the Kombucha or something.... peek around the Organic aisle... make sure they are gone.  Worst case, stop and grab some haddock, that'll tie you up for a few and let things stretch out a bit. LOL!  SEE?  it ain't easy being ME!   And lastly... the checkout line jockeying... I have heard that human nature is to go to the right in a crowd... so work your way LEFT... take a gander and see whatcha' got.  Don't be the "27 items in the 14 items aisle" person, but don't hesitate either.  Because the second you have a LOCK on the cashier you want (it's you and me boss, we are gonna DO this) sure enough, someone else will try to squeeze you out.  And DAMMIT if it ain't that lady with the three crumb snatchers!  LOL... I guess this could be whole post.  I could get into " Cart skills", "Parking in the middle of the aisle".... and WHY DO WE HAVE to bag our own stuff?   AND.... WHY in God's name is the Tomato PASTE not with the Tomato SAUCE???  All of it.. OK... moving on...

Alright.  I'm all out of "wisdom" for the moment.  Heading to Fatbike with friends.  It's a beautiful day. Get out and do something.  It's going to be a long winter so I am going to soak in these great Fall days while I can.  Have a great day! And if Hannaford is on your list... well.. you know what to do!

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