Monday, September 23, 2019


Wow.... 5 Years goes by in a hurry. Where do I start? OK.. I got to thinking about how many things have happened since my last blog post and it was overwhelming.  Life is HARD. Sheesh.  Here are just a few things (some of which are a blog post all on their own) that have happened since I last logged on.

I turned 50.  Whoah!  I REALLY thought I would have my act together by now. 😳

My parents continue to be the most supportive loving people you'll ever meet.  I'm a lucky guy. Both are retired, Dad is loving camp life and Mom is excited for football season and especially The Pat's.

My daughter turned 21.  Whoah! She is a Senior at USM.  First big job interview is tomorrow. She's got this.

Shut down my contracting business and joined MGM Builders, bought a condo and two Jeeps... sold a Jeep.  Completed 3 more Ironman races, some "halfs", two marathons and got lost on Katahdin... well, we weren't really LOST... well maybe just a little bit lost.  Went to Arizona four times. Won the Crank the Kanc bike race with Jared and Rick, climbed Mt Washington a few times.  Went to the Boston Marathon twice as a spectator having intended to be running it.  I tried to qualify and almost DID but it wasn't meant to be.  I might try to tackle that goal again at some point but for now I will go and support friends/athletes/clients.  Pretty proud of them too.  Opened "The Speed Lab" where we do our 207 Coaching and off season cycling. Gained 20 pounds... lost 20 pounds... gained 20 pounds.  And so it goes.  There's a lot more but honestly, my memory is terrible and it's probably GOOD for me to write stuff down so I can enjoy the memories again.

I have had folks ask me why I don't write more so I guess maybe there's something to it.  I enjoy it and it's a good way to keep people informed on things that I am involved in, adventures I take on and maybe have a laugh or two - mostly at my own expense. In the past I have shared mostly race reports and training stories when I have felt it was worth sharing.  I may begin to dive into some other topics from time to time but we'll see how that goes.  No politics or preaching, just whatever I find interesting and worth a closer look.  I drive a lot and things just pop into my head, so I will try to keep a list and be more active about sharing. I try to stay more with the motivational or uplifting stuff and not get into anything negative.  Life's too short!

In the short term, Rick Durgin and I are beginning year number 5 (I think) in The Speed Lab at the Dana Warp Mill in Westbrook.  We have been running off-season cycling training classes for cyclists and triathletes, successfully paying the rent with proceeds from the classes.  We are excited about getting rolling on October 1st and looking forward to a strong winter of good friends and training.  If you are looking for a place to ride regularly this winter then come and check us out.  Online we are at  First trip for first timers is free so come and see what it's all about.  I lead the Tuesday and Thursday evening classes and Rick does the Wednesday and Friday morning classes.  We are both in the mix on Saturday mornings.  If you have any questions feel free to email me at

So there you have it.  First ramblings in five years.  I'll be back soon and I'll have something fun to share or discuss.  Until then, keep swinging for the fences and focusing on what's out in front of you, not behind!  Oh .. one last thing.  One of the things that kicked me over the edge on starting back at this blogging thing was a nice note I got today from my buddy Pete Finkle.  He's a musician and one hell of an entertainer.   He'll tell you he's no athlete but the picture below says differently.  I love this stuff.  Here's Pete out ripping up some road race just having a ball. LOVE this guy!  He always sends me notes about my Ironman races or whatever I am doing and how it keeps him going.  :). THIS is the good stuff....and the funny thing is... stuff like that keeps ME going.  And I'll tell you what, if I could do triathlon as well as he plays guitar, I'd be in Kona.  ;) Thanks Pete!

Alright.  No really... I'm out.  Until next time.  Keep showing up. And remember, anything worth doing is worth doing well.  
Thanks for reading. 👊

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