Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Motivating the Motivator

So how much do you rely on someone or something else to get you to the starting line?  What can you draw from your training partners?  What do YOU bring to the table in the training partner relationship?  Would you rather motivate someone or BE motivated by someone else?  Are some workouts best done solo?  Do the best athletes do most of their training solo?  Do you get more satisfaction out of a great personal performance or seeing someone else do something they didn't think they could do?  

Who motivates the motivator?


  1. I enjoy and derive energy from both. It's easy to be motivated, but when I help someone else, I feel an obligation to "hold up my end of the bargain." As for solo workouts, they are a life necessity. they are also better for well-defined training zone workouts. If you want to bust ass, go with someone that is as good or better. Like next spring when we hook up on the bike....

  2. Thanks for the shot in the arm! I'll be looking forward to hooking up this spring - and hopefully up to the challenge.

  3. Being the self-centered person I am, I get the most satisfaction from having worked hard and then pulled out a good performance...
    And I like to train alone almost exclusively.

  4. I have to say I train alone most of the time. I know a lot of my fellow triathletes train with others all the time but it just doesn't work for me. I like to stick to my own workout and I have to switch my schedule around sometimes at the last minute because I'm so busy with work and school. My only consistent group workout is open water swims in the summer.

    BTW ... love your pic at the top!!

  5. I'm totally self motivated. I was actually thinking about this just this morning while in the pool. I was working a set of 20x100 descending down to a fast send off time. I miss the days of having a team all around me for stuff like that but I can absolutely haul ass by myself.
    I love to motivate others... I love it.
    Solo training is all for me. I don't have much choice either but I prefer it. I need to stay on target with my own workout and pace. I like to be in my own head and focused on the job at hand.
    I am very happy for others when they pull out a breakthrough race. However....I am fully satisfied by working hard towards a goal and achieving it myself.
    fun thought provoking post.

  6. Thanks guys. It is interesting that the ability and preference to "train well by yourself" is a common trait among top performers. I have always enjoyed the company of others during my training but am finding it increasingly difficult to hook up with people. Seems an adjustment to my thinking is in order. Thanks for the shove in that direction.

  7. Great questions, Bob.
    I prefer to do repetitious workouts, like on the track, and long runs, with others - absolutely! I also enjoying training alone and consider myself self-motivated. In competitive situations, I prefer to stay self-focused. I found it difficult running in races where folks I coached were also racing.