Sunday, June 13, 2010

Pirate Tri - Point Sebago

I jumped into today's Sprint Distance race at the last minute and didn't really tell anybody. Not sure why, just felt like flyng under the radar. I knew there would be a solid group at the top and was looking to go "top 5". My flying under the radar routine ended before I shut my car off in the parking lot when Mike MacDonald spotted me. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. I got geared up and went over the transition area, saw lots of friends and got ready to go at it. I had decided I was going to go really hard today (something new).
Swim was slower than I wanted but I was able to bike well, posting the fourth fastest time on the day. I never really felt super on the bike but I guess you never do in a sprint! My run was fueled by the presence on Steve Tenney nipping at my heels the whole way. I was able to hold him off but it wasn't easy - I had to run 6:53's to do it. I finished 10th overall (ninth male), and am pretty pleased with the effort. I won my age group!
It was interesting to see how I'd feel a week after a half-ironman race. Overall, I can't complain. Now it's time to crank it up for the Black Fly weekend in mid July.
Highlights for today:
My friends had a great day
My friend Pat Kelley came in second in his age group
My friend and athlete Meg realized she can compete with the best of 'em.
My friend Angela Bancroft won the women's race.
My friends Tim, Mike and Matt went 1,2 and 3 in their age group.
My friend Rob Smith won his age group
My original training partner and friend Mike M raced well - great to see him out there.
The Bancroft kids cleaned house at the kids races.
Great race venue, well run. Good time had by all.
See you at the races!


  1. Oh, come on, there's always more to tell. And in case you didn't know I want a rematch.

  2. "something new" Great work, Bootstrap!

  3. where did you get the pictures? love the flying dismount! Great work out there... You were Insanely fast when you rode by me. One of my proudest moments yesterday was that I could "see" you for a bit after you passed me! And then, you were gone. And once again, you were cruising at the end of that run. I was running my heart out and still couldn't catch ya!