Friday, February 10, 2012

The Offseason of Surgery

Alright. Looks like we've got a plan. Anterior Decompression vs Gastroc Lengthening. Those of you that know what you are looking at can see the bone spur on the top of my foot. It appears to be creating an impingement when I attempt to fully dorsiflex my foot. Without trying to impress you with all of the new medical terminology I have learned over the past few months I can tell you that I am in the process of scheduling the surgery to remove this spur. I have the same situation on the other foot but no symptoms yet so I'll wait to get that one straightened out. I am told I will be out of commission for a couple of weeks. Two to three days on crutches (never been on those in my life) and then a slow and easy transition back into "normal" activity. I'm excited about this as it will hopefully put an end to the Plantar Fasciaiiistisisistsisiststssiiss(how the hell do you spell that?) and get me on track to some quality run training. So this will be my second surgical procedure in less than three months. In December I had a Venus Closure procedure to eliminate the Great Saphenous veins in my legs. Again, I now have the medical vocabulary equal to that of a pre med student but I won't "wow" you with my new knowledge of the superficial vein system. I'll just say that my legs feel better, I'm not getting that "heavy legs" feeling anymore, and I am pretty sure that when I get done with this full body-off restoration I will be stronger than Steve Austin after they put that boy back together. In the meantime, I continue to crush my bike workouts with a vengeance. Tuesday I felt like crap and we had a nasty Speed Lab/Endurance Nation session planned. I lasted about four minutes and throttled it down. Not happnin'. Fortunately I got another shot at this workout last night and I knocked it out of the park. You have to know when to back off. When the mind says "Go" and the body says "NO!" it's time to reel it in and live to fight another day. It worked and I had a great ride last night. Felt like I rode all the way to Kennebunk. Those of you that ride with a power meter know what I'm talking about. Sometimes it isn't there and you can let it kind of come to you and you get it done. Other times you gotta cut the cord and bag it. And then SOMETIMES you are riding at FTP and wondering why it feels do easy. So I'll keep hammering. We need to squeeze a surgery in here somewhere so I'll try to work hard until then and pick it up afterward and see where we're at. Either way this is going to be an interesting season, one that may just have to evolve vs be planned out. I'll take it as it comes and continue to be thankful that I only have a foot issue when I know that others actually have REAL issues to deal with.

I enjoyed the Cape 10-Miler on Sunday. It is tough for me to spectate without busting right out into a full blown sprint but I got through it and supported my friends and some of the folks that I help with their training. I would much rather RUN the ten miles than spectate but hey, a little time on the sidelines never hurt anybody right? Right? Hahaha...Screw that, I'll be back running that race next year and I'll be looking to go fast.

I'll be working on my "spectating" technique again tomorrow at The Polar Bear 5K where I'm hoping that one of the ladies I coach will be smashing her 5K best. She's been working really hard and tomorrow is the big test.

Football is over. Sorry fellow Pat's fans. Good game but lot's of missed opportunities. I guess that's why they play the game right?

Before the game Jared and I decided to do an hour or two on the CompuTrainers. We had planned on a nice steady ride. Those of you that know us can figure how that turned out. I think I'll tell that story in my next post.

Until then,


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  1. oh Bob... ok, looking forward to chatting about it all on Wed. I laughed OUT loud at your PF spelling moment. Man that word. I feel the same way. How do you spell it and how do you Say it?? hahahaha..
    talk soon. hang in there. 6/24 you'll get revenge with a vengeance.