Monday, November 19, 2012

Catching up...

WOW...That was a quick seven months! I can't tell you how many great ideas I have had over the past few months - all great blog post ideas. BUT, I simply have not found the time to reduce them to "paper". This past Triathlon season was a real character builder for me. It had me on the sidelines more than I am used to. When I did compete I still gave it my standard 110% but it was downright ugly at times. It really showed me how much I love my sport- that I'll get out there and compete even when there are guys (and girls) beating up on me that I have beaten in the past. I'll file it away and pull it out during some tough trainer rides this winter and use it for motivation. The Speed Lab is in full swing so I am rebuilding the beast! Speaking of The Speed Lab....We have moved our activities down to Orthopaedic Associates in Saco this year. This has been a great move. We have a bigger space, a bunch of CompuTrainers and plenty of energy for a long winter of offseason bike training. OA hired a top notch local remodeling contractor (ahem) to make some minor changes to the Performance Lab and BANG - New Speed Lab! We are equipped with a cranking music system and have a lot of laughs while we get some serious work done. Misery loves company! Check out our class schedule at www.orthoassociates/performance. The relationship with OA has been great. They have given me a wonderful platform from which to expand my coaching business. I have also joined E3 Training Solutions as an Associate Coach. I am working with Head Coach and Owner, Jorge Martinez to take my triathlon and coaching game to the next level. We are accepting new athletes for the 2013 season so let me know how we can help you with your upcoming season! So once again, I hope to be more active with this blog as I always enjoy writing. We'll see how it goes! Highlights for the summer, in no particular order: Watching three of my athletes cross the Ironman finish line in great shape. Standing atop Mount Katahdin with BOTH of my parents. Very proud moment! Signing up for IMLP 2013. Gulp. Crushing it at Turner Contracting. OK - More to come. Until then, keep your dreams alive and don't ever let somebody tell you that you can't do something! BT

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