Saturday, January 30, 2010

CPT Clinic - Day One

So I decided to stop thinking about signing up for a Certified Personal Trainer course and "Just Do It". Yesterday was my first day of a three day workshop / clinic. Very cool. There are only six of us in the class and I am the only male. It made me wonder if I am getting into a field that is predominantly women. Not sure it matters but it made me question what I was doing for a moment. Then the class started and I knew I had made the right decision. I got eight hours of "crash learning" in the structure of the heart, lungs, and the rest of the human body. My head was spinning. I can now see why it is better to come into this field having had some educational background or professional experience in a related field. I have neither so (as usual) I will work harder than everyone else to learn the subject matter and be able to apply it as a Personal Trainer. Today we get into moving around a little. We are doing the body fat testing stuff, learning the different methods etc. The instructor (female) looked at me as she wrapped up the session last night at 9:30 and said "you're the only guy here so you'll be getting poked and prodded A LOT tomorrow". Oh....NEAT! hahhaha. This ought to be good! I just laughed and said bring it on - I'm a good sport. We are also learning the very basics about doing initial assessments and starting relationships with new clients. I think I'm really going to love this stuff. This is the first time I have ever been excited to be sitting in a class - for anything. I'll have a lot of studying to do in addition to this clinic and then I can take the test when I feel I'm ready to go. In addition to this course I am enrolled in the USAT Level One Coaching Clinic scheduled for April 9th-11th in Baltimore, Maryland. This will be another three days of clinics and a test after more studying. I am hoping the taking some time to get some credentials on the front end will help me get off on the right foot as I move toward training and coaching in a field I have enjoyed competing in over the past seven years. When I'm done I will be a Certified Personal Trainer (certified by the ACSM) and a Certified USAT Level One Triathlon Coach. You have to start somewhere, and I will feel a lot better working with people knowing that I took the time and made the effort to be able to know what I'm talking about. So here I go for day two...
Lovin' it.


  1. Exactly! You have to start somewhere! It's both really exciting and a little scary... Interesting to put yourself out there and say, "Hey, I can help you!" I so wish that all of us had been able to go to the same clinic... At least you and Doug get to go together... :( Can you email me stats/location/fee stuff on the course you're taking?

  2. Great attitude. Enjoy your new endeavor!