Saturday, January 30, 2010

CPT Clinic - Day Two

So, Day TWO was long but I came away with a lot of good information. I had a little fun too. It's been interesting listening to the instructor talk for the past two days about how to deal with the "general population" and just touch on things that would only apply to "elite" athletes. Every time something would come up like "periodization", I would start salivating thinking that I was going to really hear some good stuff and she would just brush by it. I understand though and am glad I am going to Maryland for the USAT Clinic as I am sure things will get a lot more specific. This is, after all a CPT clinic, not a class on how to write a training plan for a triathlete. So today I listened intently until it was time for the group participation part. This is where I had a little fun. I am the only GUY in the class so when it came time for the body fat testing instruction the girls all had a ball testing ME. I was a good sport and came away with a number of 11.6% which I highly doubt given I am heavier than I was before Clearwater and I tested at just under 12%. Then came the old "3 - minute step test". We had to take our resting heart rate before stepping up and down on at 12" step for 3 minutes to the beat of a metronome at 96bpm. My HR was 55 before I started. When I finished, I sat down and my partner took my pulse again for a full minute. I took a couple of deep breaths to see how low I could get it. She looked a little bewildered when the instructor said "OK stop". I said, "what was it?" She shook her head and said "Sixty". I just smiled, looked at the teach' and shrugged. heheheheheh
The afternoon was a lot of info on flexibility and exercises. We did some flexibility testing too. Neat stuff, I think I'm really going to like it. It's beginner level but it's nice to start putting together a lot of the stuff I've been reading about over the past few years. One more day and then I will jamb my face in the text for a month or so before taking the test.


  1. I'm cracking up over your HR...taking deep breaths..too funny.
    So glad you're enjoying the class!! can't wait to hear more.