Friday, January 1, 2010

Looking Inward...

I awoke this morning without a hangover.  This was not a surprise as I planned to do this.  I decided to ring in the new year while sleeping and going into 2010 as rested as possible.  In the past I have gone out and celebrated the passing of one year and the arrival of another.  It just seems that the last few times I have "celebrated" anything I end up paying dearly for it the next day and wishing I had just stayed home and gone to bed.  So that's what I did this year and I feel a lot better as a result!  
I did spend some time thinking about '09 and what I'd like to accomplish in "oh-ten".  I had planned to do this at the gym on the treadmill until I arrived to find the gym closed.  I came home and quickly changed into my running gear.  After a few frustrating minutes fighting with my Garmin 305 (it wouldn't power up) I headed out into a light falling snow - perfect.  I have been reading a book called "Chi Running" by Danny Dreyer and I was excited to try to apply some of what I have gleaned from the first few chapters.  It got me thinking about my running "gait" and trying to become more economical as I run.  My wife and daughter have had a good time poking fun at me while I try new exercises and explore new forms of moving forward.  Anyway, that brings me to my point.  CHANGE.  It occurred to me while running that I run the way I run because I have always run that way.  When I started triathlon I sought advice on swimming.  I biked with people who knew what they were doing.  But I went out and ran by myself.  No one ever teaches you how to run, you just do it, and develop whatever gait you settle into for whatever physiological reason.  So on my run today I decided that that is not acceptable. When someone asks you why you do something a certain way, (be it running or something work related) if you can't come up with a better reason than "well, because we've always done it that way", then you need to ask yourself if there is a better way.  I have decided that 2010 will be a year of revisiting "how and why I do what I do", exploring all aspects of my life with an eye toward improving as a father, husband, son, friend, business owner and triathlete.  I am not much for New Year's resolutions as I am very goal oriented throughout the year, but I do think that we can all take few minutes before the start of the new year and try to establish what it is we're trying to accomplish.  So I will try to change my gait in hopes that it takes me to the next level and allows me compete with the best.  I will look at how I parent, and function as a spouse and try to give more than I get.  I'll examine my friendships and work to be someone that people enjoy being around.  And I'll keep pushing hard with my business in hopes that the economy will soon improve.  In 2010 I will not be doing anything "just because I've always done it that way", there will have to be a reason that carries more weight than that.  And if I can't come up with a better reason I will find a way to improve whatever it is that I'm doing and how I'm doing it.

Happy New Year to all of you.  Here's to a safe, HEALTHY and happy 2010!


  1. sounds like an excellent plan to me...Happy New Year Bob!!

  2. SOunds like a good goal to me!
    2010 will be a great year!

  3. Hi Bob,

    Great to connect to the Mainers via blogs. Good luck in 2010. See you on the courses.

    Jim Barry